Anaïs Lo Ré

M. Sc., CRHA


Thanks to her curiosity, versatility and passion for her work, Anaïs has had a keen interest in mobilization, client support and change management for a number of years. Holding a master's degree in human resources management (M.Sc.) from HEC Montréal, she has worked in the business world for more than seven years. Over the course of her career, she developed her full potential as an analyst and business partner and more recently has filled a variety of human resources management positions in major Canadian and international organizations.

Drawing on her diverse experiences, Anaïs has worked in the financial industry and retail sector. In particular, she has supported, coached and strategically advised a number of leaders on the various elements of organizational development that need to be implemented in today’s climate of change and uncertainty.

Anaïs particularly enjoys working with organizations that are reinventing themselves, that are engaged in innovation and that are developing in the context of changing ecosystems. Her great adaptability, versatility and relational skills allow her to easily navigate diverse teams. Her judgment, dynamism and ability to create sustainable professional connections are the main skills that enable her to manage and carry out her work effectively and efficiently.

Anaïs recently joined the SISMIK team so that she could share her expertise and her natural inclination to provide support during times of organizational transformation. Open-minded and a connoisseur of fine food and drink, she enjoys exploring new cultures through her travels and takes away something unique from every experience.

SuccessFinder Certified