Anne Fournier

Coordinator, Administration and Internal Community

Anne has a rich professional track record. Thanks to her strong organizational skills, rigour, and resourcefulness, she ensures to provide her colleagues and collaborators with suitable and efficient support so that different projects can progress as smoothly as possible.

As the Coordinator, Administration and Internal Community, Anne is a valuable asset to Sismik Culture d'impact. With a strong background in business development and a deep understanding of the sales cycle, she ensures that team members have everything they need to effectively support clients. She provides them with concrete and personalized tools that enhance and streamline each step of their work.

Anne is dedicated to promoting Sismik. She also cares greatly about the success of her colleagues and the satisfaction of the clients. To achieve this, she can rely on her strong execution ability. She knows how to make every effort count to move things forward, to bring ideas to life, and to reach goals. Advancing projects and making people shine is one of the strengths that Anne has developed over time.

In addition, because she has worked with organizations of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries across the country, she has gained multiple and diversified experiences that greatly enriches her professional and personal background.