Carole Mari


Senior consultant

One of the main reasons that led Carole to the HR field was her strong desire for meaningful encounters with her sister and fellow human beings. Such human encounters and relationships are fundamental for her and guide all of her choices, both professional and personal.

Holding both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA, Carole is endowed with a natural ability to forge balanced interactions between humans and systems.

Thanks to the diverse experience she has acquired over the past 25 years, Carole has the knowledge and skills to identify the needs of organizations and propose fully adapted solutions with extraordinary sensitivity and acumen. Over the years, she has used her expertise to helm large-scale HR projects. Her skills have helped to produce significant transformations within companies operating in various sectors of activity. Her effectiveness in identifying a situation, establishing accurate diagnoses, defining appropriate measures and optimizing processes has contributed to the advancement of numerous organizations.

As a senior consultant at Sismik, Carole offers solutions that serve both employees and businesses. Thanks to her ability to analyze needs carefully and judiciously and her desire to understand and rally people, she achieves organizational transformations that generate real and lasting impacts.

SuccessFinder Certified