Photo of Charlotte Mauffrey

Charlotte Mauffrey

M. Sc., CRHA

Analyst and Project Support

Charlotte began her career in HR as a Recruiter. She then quickly acquired numerous and diversified skills in several HR fields. In particular, she gained experience working in retail and human capital development organizations.

Within the SISMIK Impactful Culture team, Charlotte performs the role of Analyst. As such, she puts her expertise and reflections to good use to advance the files entrusted to her. Her background as a generalist has helped Charlotte develop her ability to carry out a wide variety of assignments and adapt to every situation.

Thanks to the tremendous rigour that she brings to her work and her strong ability to learn, Charlotte actively builds effective tools to meet the specific needs of clients, whatever those needs may be. She seeks relevant, innovative and customized solutions that are perfectly adapted to each company.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations, Charlotte has an excellent grasp of people’s true essence and of the rich complexity of relationships. As a result, she is able to approach every case she handles with discernment and humanity and is constantly striving to find the perfect balance between human and organizational performance. Charlotte understands that it is people who ensure a company’s sustainability, and she does everything within her power to contribute to that goal.