Flora Lhote

M. Sc., CRHA


After initially studying and working in marketing, Flora found herself naturally drawn to human resources. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management, a Master’s degree in Marketing and another in Human Resources Management, she has built up a rich and diversified wealth of knowledge to draw on.

Flora’s first experience in HR was in the area of recruiting at the CORTO.REV consulting firm where her role as a headhunter quickly evolved and her responsibilities became more diversified. In the space of a few years, she acquired strong skills in leadership development, recruitment and training.

Thanks to her encounters with clients, Flora developed a strong attraction to the field of Organizational Development. Her commitment to furthering the development of managers and employees is a source of great motivation for her. She is passionate about helping people develop their leadership and harness their own potential and the potential of their teams to achieve their goals.

Flora then decided to pursue her career in business. She wanted to gain a better knowledge about the inner workings of HR within organizations – but from the inside this time. As an Organizational Development and Change Management Consultant at HEC Montréal, she worked on a variety of projects; these included skills development both for managers and their teams, individual support for executives and implementing ways to organize working time and hybrid work arrangements.

As a Consultant at SISMIK Impactful Culture, Flora intends to put her skills to work for the advancement of companies and their talents. Through her authenticity, she demonstrates creativity and innovation in building strong cultures, structuring organizational development and supporting clients in their development.