Jean-Philippe Rivard

Jean-Philippe Rivard

Organizational development coordinator

Jean-Philippe took the plunge into the world of business several years ago. He has already earned his Bachelor of Business Administration, with a major in Management, and is currently completing a Specialized Graduate Diploma in organizational development at HEC Montréal.

As Organizational Development Coordinator at Sismik, Jean-Philippe’s work involves creating service offerings, designing project plans and providing support to his colleagues in the execution of consulting contracts. Thanks to his positive attitude, versatility and adaptability, he has the ability to navigate his way through complex projects with ease.

Over the course of his career, Jean-Philippe has been able to harness various key skills, such as his analytical abilities, his thoroughness and his ability to solve complex problems creatively and effectively. His professional experience as a coordinator, recruiter and franchised contractor have allowed him to deepen his expertise and explore a number of different industries.

With a passion for psychology, Jean-Philippe is interested not only in organizational development but more particularly in the development of the human beings who make up an organization. His objective is to optimize processes, including the implementation of strategies that involve and mobilize teams. In recent years, he has also developed an interest in coaching and the various dynamics of supportive coaching that enable managers and their teams to enhance their capacities.

Jean-Philippe’s curiosity knows no bounds. A lifelong sports fan and a great lover of Scotch, he is also an amateur parachutist who is undaunted in the face of new challenges.