Marie-Hélène Langlois

Marie-Hélène Langlois


Partner and halte Practice Lead

A communicator, unifier and exceptional educator, Marie-Hélène brings to the table a rich and diversified experience in human resources as well as solid skills in strategic thinking. As pragmatic and as she is empathetic, she enjoys seeking and exploring innovative and effective solutions that will help organizations and people move forward.

Marie-Hélène excels in developing tools, workshops and action plans that are highly relevant and adapted to each individual’s reality. Her expertise led her to create the leadership development program – a program that has clearly proven its worth for Sismik’s clients.

Marie-Hélène likes to provoke thought and foster openness in her interactions with people. When conducting workshops or training sessions, she makes sure that all participants develop the skills they need to fully assume their responsibilities and reach their full potential.

Marie-Hélène has been part of SISMIK Impactful Culture since its inception and has accrued an in-depth knowledge of both the organization and the specific needs of Sismik’s clients. Recognizing her as a major ally, the company’s Co-founders named her a Sismik Shareholder in 2022.

SuccessFinder Certified