Pierre Leroux

Pierre Leroux

Co-founder and Partner

For the past 30 years, Pierre has been helping administrators and company leaders to create work environments driven by such powerful, precise and pertinent organizational cultures, that they attract the best talents, and then see to their development and their evolution.

His passion for human challenges is only equalled by his passion for the world of business, which is expressed through his constant commitment as a mentor and an investor with numerous companies. In fact, he has founded or assisted entrepreneurs in creating companies in a variety of sectors, among them, computer technology, design, recruiting and distribution fields. He is on several consulting committees and company Boards of Directors both for private and public organizations.

Aside from being an Associate at SISMIK, Pierre is Co-founder and an Associate for Sourcinc, a sourcing and recruiting as well as consulting firm for talent acquisition, unique in Quebec. He is also the founding President of Groupe Intervest, an investment and management consultant firm for startups and developing businesses.

Having received his degree in Commerce from McGill University, Pierre began his career in retail commerce and quickly entered the field of HR management within manufacturing and distribution companies. Notably, he was Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate affairs at Saputo, where he had a thriving career for more than 22 years.