Tanya Luttrell



With a degree in Human Resources and certification in the 100-day challenge development pathway known as Défi 100 jours L’effet A, Tanya Luttrell has over 13 years of experience in organizational development. She is also involved as an administrator of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Quebec.

Tanya has spent most of her career at Umanico where she focused her efforts on growing the company. Starting out as a Recruitment Assistant, she rose through the ranks and eventually carve out a place amongst the partners of the firm.

Over the course of her career, she has been strategically involved in several major projects, such as Umanico’s growth through acquisition and the development of the company’s brand image. Indeed, she has played an active role in many successful corporate mergers. Recognized for her professionalism and versatility, Tanya considers that value sharing and organizational culture management are necessary elements for effective change management.

Tanya’s detailed knowledge of the market is characterized by her expertise in HR management and talent acquisition. Always motivated by a challenge, she is interested in developing and supporting people through the application of a humane, authentic and thoughtful approach. Thanks to her entrepreneurial insights, she possesses a different and particularly empathetic perspective of organizational consulting.

In addition to her professional commitments, Tanya derives great satisfaction from giving her time to help others. Passionate about learning, health and food, she also enjoys honing her cooking skills in her spare time.

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