Véronique L'Allier

Véronique L'Allier


Véronique L'Allier earned a business degree from Concordia University with a specialization in marketing and now has more than 15 years of experience. A visionary and a mobilizer, she believes in employee development and commitment as catalysts for success.

With a background in marketing and management, Véronique has made her mark at major companies such as Moen, TD Insurance and Station Mont Tremblant. At age 35, she went back to school and changed careers, acquiring knowledge in organizational development at CCM Hockey and later at PurPatio.ca. Thanks to this atypical trajectory, Véronique not only brings a different perspective but also a deep understanding of organizational realities and issues.

Over the course of her career, Véronique has honed her expertise in analyzing business issues and proposing strategic recommendations with a view to maximizing synergies. She especially enjoys transformation contracts because they provide an opportunity to propose innovative solutions and ensure consistency in the various levers that contribute to achieving goals. With her interest in other people and her approachability, Véronique is known for her capacity to adapt, her empathetic listening and her humanity.

Véronique's mission is to help organizations reach their goals through her participatory analytical approach that allows teams to take a step back and make informed decisions. The high standards of quality that she sets for herself attest to her rigorous and professional work ethic. She knows how to develop trust relationships and maintain collaboration with her clients, thereby ensuring their satisfaction.

Passionate about mountain biking and a certified instructor since 2017, she co-founded Les Poules qui Roulent (“chicks who ride”) in 2020 to offer courses and guided outings across Quebec to women who want to learn about and advance in this sport.

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